We seek to make films that challenge the expectations and beliefs of the audience. These posts also reflect our philosophy of compassionate skepticism.

Why Back a Leftist?

We get that Elizabeth Warren looks like a dangerous lefty who wants to destroy capitalism with massive tax hikes, huge new programs and a proliferation of meddlesome new laws and regulations. Yet we are taking a stand in her support. Her main theme is tackling corruption. We agree that it should the main priority of […]

A Recession Please!

OH GOD PLEASE GIVE US A RECESSION, AND FAST! This seems to be the underlying wish behind media saturation coverage of last week’s somewhat bad economics news. I think it’s biased wish-fulfillment reportage, and rather embarrassing, given the low unemployment rate and other strong economic indicators. However, I admit to having the same shameful wish, […]

Just control yourselves

What a pathetic mess in Congress around the Ilhan Omar controversy. I can’t be happy that the Dems are getting what they deserve for perpetuating sclerotic leadership — it’s too scary to think they may blow it and hand Trump a second term. The main thing going on here are overly hysterical fears of anti-semitism, […]

Dodd-Frank: Capture, Rapture and a Decade-Long Hostage Crisis

One of the world’s inevitabilities is regulatory capture: when regulators who are supposed to regulate an industry end up serving the industry’s interests, rather than the public’s. Given this immutable truth, outrage over the recent legislation amending the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial regulations strike me as somewhat beside the point. Dodd-Frank got taken hostage a long […]

Kroft, 60 Minutes and Google: I Am Big, It’s the Tech Platforms that Got Bigger

Kroft: Hi, I’m Steve Kroft. I’m a broad shouldered, good looking, well preserved older man with deep lines on my face, magnificent hair and enough of a serious, journalistic persona that you can tell that it’s important that I’m sitting here doing this assignment. I hope you enjoyed the commercial for a wonderful new pharmaceutical […]

Jerusalem: Trump Gives the Finger, Pays off Adelson; Dozens and Dozens Get Shot and Killed

The Jerusalem embassy move is another crude, angry Trump gesture against the political correctness of the elites.  It has the added plus for Trump of paying off campaign contributor Sheldon Adelson and the evangelical Mike Pence constituency driven by Millennial visions of the second coming.  It’s doubly anti-PC because it is based on a cynical […]

Vampire Squid Mates With Coastal Elite Status Symbol That is World’s Most Valuable Corporation

Such great news that Goldman Sachs and Apple are teaming up to create a new Apple credit card! Yes, the great vampire squid that is “wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money” has finally hooked up with the world’s most valuable company, in what is […]