Peter Cohn -- Political and Social Documentaries

Cohn made his first film in 1995, the critically acclaimed dramatic feature Drunks, shot in a church basement and on the streets of Times Square in 14 days.   Since then, he's made three documentary films on major political and social issues, with self distribution through Hillcrest Films.

Addiction Immigration Domestic Violence The West Bank


Holy Land (2014)
Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America (2010)
Golden Venture (2006)
Drunks (1995)

  • Drunks, directed by Peter Cohn

    An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a Time Square church basement.

  • goldenventure3x4
    Golden Venture

    Chinese immigrants voyage across the world, only to be trapped in an American immigration nightmare.

  • Power and Control 3X4
    Power and Control

    An exploration of the shocking persistence of gender violence…

  • HolyLand_3x4_3
    Holy Land

    Israeli settlers and the Israelis and Palestinians who oppose them…

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Occasional rants from the keyboard of Peter Cohn

“Cultural Backlash” and the Political Whiplash of Populism

Interesting blog posted at Stigler Center’s ProMarket on the latest political sciences theories about the rise of populism: “The main driver [of populism] is “cultural backlash” and, as far as economics plays a role, it is in a racialized manner—nativists believe that “aliens” are getting too numerous or powerful and that is why they think […]